Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day I had been invited to many social gatherings, even carb day.  Instead of attending any of these, I opted to keep the twins for the weekend.  Friday I prepared for their visit, sort of baby proofing the living room.  Brought their high chair in, set up the pack in plays & had the house clean.  Saturday they arrived.  Evan, Skyler & I attended the EMS cook out & enjoyed the yummy food & meeting the paramedics.

My twin niece & nephew Jaycee & Keedan are approximately 8 months old on Memorial Day 2013.  They are just too precious for me to even describe.  So without words, here are some photos from them being with me that weekend.   Memorial Day Jaycee & her spoon memorial day snuggle buddies Memorial Day with Jonny my bear eian & Keedan memorial day

The oldest boy in the photo is my soon to be 18 year old son, Eian.  What you need to know about Eian; is he is not a big kid fan.  For some reason he has never really liked kids especially babies.  He use to scare his own cousin Morgan by walking up & yelling at her.  She remembers too.  With that being said, he still doesn’t like to sit with them very long but, he has loosened up to the twins.  He now at least acknowledges that they exist & he will even rub their belly for a second.  Now with Keedan, it is a bit different.  He tends to like Keedan.  Eian says it is because he is so cool.  Keedan doesn’t move around a lot, baby chatter, scream, or grab at you like Jaycee does.  Keedan has what we call the stare; where he just sits & stares off into space.  He has personality but, he tends to hide it.  Eian decided to take a video of Keedan laughing.  Well, when he played the video back, Keedan laughed and laughed at himself.  I don’t have that entire video but, I did manage to catch a short version of Keedan sitting on Eians lap watching himself.  My favorite part in this video is Eian knew he was being recorded & he tried so hard NOT to laugh at Keedan, he failed.  In the video Keedan is saying, “dad dad”.

That night Keedan fought sleep for 30 minutes.  Pattie has told me that this is his normal routine, fighting sleep.  We all rested well.  Sunday we got up & all of us enjoyed some company with friends.  Then we headed to Boss & Tiffany for a family cook out.  There was a “cursing episode” you will read about in another blog.  But, everyone fussed over the twins & I got to see many of my cousins.  We had a great time then headed back home to enjoy more company.  Billy & Pattie picked up the twins Monday late morning & I was sad to see them go.  All in all it was a great Memorial Day for me.

On a side note, sometimes I am not able to upload my videos from my phone/text/email.  So, I have located the shutterfly website that allows me to share them along with slideshows so you will probably see more shutterfly in the future.  Happy Reading.